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Mill Culvert Upgrade Project

In addition to the Bantry Flood Relief Scheme, Cork County Council are currently progressing a project to upgrade the existing Mill River Culvert. 

Though separate from the Bantry Flood Relief Scheme, a holistic approach is important and the two project teams are working closely together, collaborating, and sharing information to ensure the objectives of both projects align.

The Mill Culvert Upgrade Project (MCUP) is being advanced by Cork County Council's Regional and Local Roads section. This project involves the replacement of the existing culvert in the town, due to asset degradation. 

The new culvert will be bigger and more hydraulically efficient than the existing culvert, and there will be some additional capacity within the culvert during flood events, but the main objective is to replace a deteriorating structure.

The existing culvert from the library to the Square is predominantly a stone arch culvert system. The culvert also includes a number of connections to the storm and foul system. It has been established that there are both hydraulic capacity issues and longevity concerns with the structural integrity of the culvert. Cork County Council Regional & Local Roads Section is currently assessing all options in relation to the culvert’s upgrade.

The Mill River culvert improvement may be completed prior to the commencement of the construction works for the Bantry Flood Relief Scheme. The Flood Relief Scheme will be examining the flooding preventative measures for the Bantry catchment area. The hydraulic modelling which will be undertaken for the Bantry Flood Relief Scheme will incorporate the upgrades proposed for the Mill Culvert Upgrade Project.

A Public Participation Day for the Mill Culvert Upgrade Project was held on 13/10/23. Any queries relating to the Mill Culvert Upgrade Project can be submitted to the following address: 

Mill Culvert Upgrade Project: