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Background Information

The OPW, working in partnership with Cork County Council and other Local Authorities, commissioned and have completed the South West Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Study. Further detail is available on

The South West CFRAM Study Area included Bantry as an AFA, which was detailed in Flood Risk Management Plan for the Dunmanus - Bantry - Kenmare River Basin (UOM21), concluded that a flood relief scheme would be viable and effective for the community.

Parts of Bantry have been identified as being at risk of flooding. The areas at risk in particular follow the path of the Mill River, Alley River and Scart Stream through the town and the Mealagh River to the north of the town. Bantry is also affected by tidal flooding with coastal areas identified as at risk. There are also problems with the poor structural condition and flow capacity of culverts in the town. One of the significant causes of flooding is high tides entering the local drainage network and causing sewer flooding as well as river flooding from the Bantry Stream and tributaries. Bantry is prone to flash flooding from the numerous small steep rivers that flow through the town.

Bantry has experienced flooding on many occasions

Date of event Areas impacted
December 2021 (Storm Barra) Wolfe Tone Square, N71 Quay
December 2020 New Street, Wolfe Tone Square
October 2020 Wolfe Tone Square, New Street, N71 Quay
August 2020 (Storm Francis) New Street, Wolfe Tone Square, N71 Quay
November 2020 Wolfe Tone Square
Jan/Feb 2014 Wolfe Tone Square, New Street
October 2013 Main Street & Barrack Street
October 2012 Wolfe Tone Square, The Quay, Bridge Street

In parallel with the proposed scheme, a number of advance works items have taken place. Funded by the OPW minor works programme, Cork County Council arranged for the installation of non-return values on the existing drainage system in February 2022. In addition, two new pumps were purchased and delivered to Bantry in April 2022 as a further mitigation measure. Cork County Council is also working on an Individual Property Protection Scheme, funded by the OPW, as an interim mitigation measure until the full flood relief scheme is delivered.